8 Reasons for Air Conditioner Maintenance


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Air conditioner maintenance is a huge part of your Air Conditioning system running smoothly and efficiently.  Air conditioning is a modern luxury that allows us to enjoy indoor comfort, even in hot and humid climates. Here in the United States, AC is extremely common and easily accessible for many households and businesses. In fact, with newer technology such as smart thermostats with programmable temperature settings, HVAC systems can operate without much human intervention.

However, air conditioning units are not perfect, and they do not last forever. Modern systems often lose their efficiency after 10-15 years. They may keep working for several more years, but you will experience a significant drop in comfort and an increase in energy costs. Without regular care and maintenance, performance decline can happen even sooner.

In this post, we will provide 8 reasons why you should be getting regular air conditioner maintenance. This is important for anyone who owns HVAC equipment, whether for your home, business, or investment properties.

8 Benefits of Air Conditioner Maintenance

1.  Longer System Lifespan

As we mentioned, HVAC systems do not last forever, but their lifespan can be extended with regular maintenance. For example, your technician can fix minor issues before they get worse. Also, frequent tune-ups can help maximize your system’s performance and ensure reliable operation over time. Keep in mind that new air conditioning units are an expensive investment, so it is in your best interest to take care of them and help them last as long as possible.

2.  Enhanced Comfort

Maintenance can also enhance your indoor comfort in many ways. If your system is always struggling to keep up during the hot months, you may find yourself constantly lowering the thermostat. However, if it is running at peak performance, it will be able to cool down your house more quickly and easily.

Consistent and reliable comfort can actually improve your quality of life as well. A cool house can help you get better sleep at night. If you work from home, comfortable temperatures can boost your productivity. Overall, a well-performing air conditioner will make your house an oasis from the outdoors.

3.  Less Humidity

Air conditioners reduce moisture in the air when operating at peak performance. Since humidity significantly worsens indoor comfort, you will experience fresher, less muggy air when your system is in good condition. This is also important because excess moisture can lead to mold in your home, which causes a host of other problems.

4.  Lower Energy Costs

As your air conditioner ages, it will lose energy efficiency. This will slowly drive up energy costs and lead to less effective performance overall. If you have regular inspections and preventative maintenance on your system, it will maintain peak efficiency for longer, and therefore use as little energy as possible. This will help you save a considerable amount of money every month on energy bills, which can offset the cost of the maintenance itself.

5.  Environmental Benefits

Saving money is not the only advantage of energy efficiency. In fact, consumption of energy negatively impacts the environment, so higher energy efficiency provides environmental benefits as well. According to the International Energy Agency, “energy efficiency is one of the key ways the world can meet energy service demand with lower energy use” by notably reducing GHG emissions.

6.  Better Indoor Air Quality

Your air conditioning system is designed to filter out air pollutants, therefore improving your indoor air quality so that it is fresher and healthier. Over time, these pollutants can build up in your air ducts and filters, reducing the quality of air that gets circulated throughout your home.

Changing your air filters on a regular basis can help, but your technician will also make sure your ducts, vents, and equipment are free of any debris that may hinder filtration. These preventative measures will actually keep your home cleaner and contribute to better health.

7.  Safety

Another important reason to have your system regularly serviced is to prevent major malfunctions that may be dangerous. This could include failing components, electrical hazards, fire hazards, chemical exposure from fumes, or gas leaks.

8.  Peace of Mind

Lastly, a thorough inspection and tune-up of your HVAC system by a seasoned professional can give you peace of mind. Regular maintenance will prevent unknown issues from worsening and lower your risk of having costly repairs. The Indoor Air Quality Association reports that regular HVAC maintenance can “reduce the risk of costly breakdowns by as much as 95%.” This means that you can stop worrying, and start enjoying the comfort you deserve.

Maintenance Plans

As you can see, there are numerous reasons to get regular air conditioner maintenance, including personal safety, comfort, and financial benefit. Eagle Air provides a 16-point air conditioner inspection and tune-up that will give you peace of mind for an affordable price.

We also offer annual HVAC maintenance plans that include two service visits per year, along with other exclusive benefits such as discounts and priority scheduling. Our NATE certified technicians are well-equipped to handle all your heating and cooling needs.

If you are interested in learning more, please go to our website at www.eagleairconditioning.com where you will find details about our services, inspections, maintenance plans, and our current specials and promotions.





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