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Climate control technology is constantly evolving, and in recent years, energy efficiency and indoor air quality have become top priorities in the industry. With these advancements, new products like attic and whole house fans can provide cleaner air, improved comfort, and significant financial and environmental benefits.

Attic fans and whole-house fans are two products that do an excellent job of increasing energy efficiency and indoor air quality. These two products are intended to supplement your central heating and cooling units. In this post, we will discuss the purpose and benefits of attic and whole-house fans and whether they suit your home.

Attic Fan

What are attic fans?

Attic fans are installed in your attic to ventilate the space and keep it cool. This is important because the hot, humid air in your attic will naturally flow from warm to cool areas, seeping into your home and causing your air conditioner to work harder. The attic fan is designed to push that hot air out and bring cool air in. Doing this can save up to 30% on your home’s cooling bills (Quiet Cool Systems).

Lifestyle Attic Fan

What are whole-house fans?

Whole-house fans are also installed in the attic, but they do more than just ventilate the attic space. The main function of whole-house fans is to pull cool air into your home from open windows, circulate it throughout your home, and expel it through attic vents. reports that these fans provide 15-23 air changes in your home each hour. This process gets rid of the hot, stale air in your home and gives you a constant, cool breeze of fresh air.

Benefits of attic fans

1.  Prevents heat damage

Have you ever measured the temperature in your attic on a hot day? It can get significantly hotter than the outdoor temperature, even reaching above 150ºF, which can cause a lot of strain on your home. For example, accumulation of heat can cause damage to your roof, the insulation in the attic, and even your home’s structural integrity (Quiet Cool Systems).

Using an attic fan to cool and ventilate the attic space will prevent this excess heat and therefore reduce the risk of damage due to extreme temperatures.

2.  Less work for your air conditioner

Since hot air likes to move to cooler areas, the heat in your attic will naturally flow into your living area. This will make your air conditioner run more often and work harder to maintain your desired temperature. The more energy it uses, the higher your bills will be.

An attic fan will reduce the amount of heat entering your home, which will minimize the workload on your air conditioner and keep your energy bills low. Your air conditioner may also last longer since it will be running less often.

3.  Better home comfort

When summer temperatures reach their peak, your hot attic will be battling against your home’s air conditioner. In turn, your A/C unit may struggle to keep up, which can drastically decrease your home’s comfort. Cooling the attic space will create a more balanced climate in your home so that it can get cool more easily, and stay cool longer.

4.  Reduces humidity

Without proper ventilation, your attic can get extremely humid. Excess moisture paired with stagnant air can lead to more severe issues, including accumulation of fungus and mold (Quiet Cool Systems). An attic fan will ensure the space is well-ventilated on a regular basis.

Better Breathing with whole house fans

Benefits of whole-house fans

1.  Healthier indoor air

Much like attic fans, whole-house fans provide fresh air and ventilation, but the benefits extend to your entire house. One result of this is exceptional indoor air quality.

As the fan moves fresh air through your home, it removes the polluted air and expels it outside. This is so beneficial because it gets rid of seasonal allergens, pet dander, germs, and virus particles that would normally be circulated through the indoor air.

Breathing in these pollutants can be detrimental to your health, especially if you work from home or stay indoors most of the day. In fact, the CDC reports that proper ventilation in your home can prevent the spread of viruses.

2.  Cools the air quickly

In the heat of summer, your air conditioner can take several minutes to cool down your home to a comfortable temperature. In contrast, a whole-house fan provides instant comfort. As soon as you open the windows and turn the fan on, it will make your house feel 5-10 degrees cooler (Quiet Cool Systems).


3.  Excellent ventilation

The ventilation provided by a whole-house fan is so powerful, it refreshes the air within your home in just minutes. This means it can eliminate odors and fumes from cooking, gasses, smoke, and even wet paint. Speaking of wet paint, the ventilation from the fan can help your walls dry faster. This drying effect is also great for freshly-mopped floors and steam from showers (Quiet Cool Systems).

4.  Saves money

A whole-house fan uses an average of 200-650 watts per hour, while the average air conditioner uses 3500 watts per hour (Quiet Cool Systems). Depending on the climate where you live, whole-house fans can save you 50-90% on energy costs.

As you can see, the cost savings from whole-house fans are impressive. In the hottest climates, they have the potential to save you thousands of dollars per year on your energy bills, quickly surpassing the cost of installation.

What will work best for your home?

For both attic fans and whole-house fans, there are various factors that will affect how well these fans perform.

If you are interested in an attic fan, your technician will first check to see if your attic insulation is rated lower than R-19 and if your attic floor is well-sealed. If you already have sufficient ventilation and insulation in your attic, an attic fan may not provide significant benefits (Quiet Cool Systems). Also, attic fans are more advantageous in climates with extreme temperatures, such as hot, humid summers and cold, icy winters.

On the other hand, homes in mild climates with low humidity are excellent candidates for whole-house fans. In these climates, a whole-house fan paired with ceiling fans can provide enough comfort to replace your air conditioner. However, if you do experience high humidity, it is best to keep your windows closed and use your air conditioner.

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Overall, attic fans and whole-house fans are perfect for increasing your comfort with energy-efficient technology. Installation is simple, and the benefits are tremendous. Before you start shopping, talk to your local HVAC technician about your home’s specific needs and how these products can help you meet them.

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